Impact Theory lives up to its name. learn how successful people achieved their success. One good idea can make all the difference in the world.

Impact Theory is an interview show about achievement. There are top achievers from many fields of endeavor who explain how they achieved their success, and just as important, what kept them going.

The interviewer is Tom Bilyeu. Tom is a man who, with two other people, created a billion dollar company from scratch. The company has almost 2000 employees. Tom created the show for his employees, who profited from the ideas presented. Tom decided the show would help the rest of us.

Here is how he starts every show:

“You’re here my friends because you believe that human potential is nearly limitless. But you know that having potential is not the same as actually doing something with it. So our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you to actually execute on your dreams.”

The key words above are execute on your dreams. There is a quote from the movie The Matrix (One of Tom's favorite movies) that says "There is a difference between knowing your path and walking your path." So many people get good ideas, but they let those ideas fall away because of a lack of action. Procrastination has robbed so many people of what could have been, It's sad.

There is a quicker path to success and it is called modeling. You find someone who has succeeded, find out how they did it (the steps), and then you do what they did. It's certainly not a guarantee of success, but there is a much better chance of winning than trying to reinvent the wheel. You can find some ideas to immolate in these interviews. Giving it a shot means you might quicken your path to success.

Here is a list of Impact Theory shows with a link where you can watch the show and see what I thought were some of the good ideas to acquire. Who knows? You might only be one good idea away from success. And...these shows are inspiring. It might help you reframe what is going on in your life.

Impact Theory Shows and Reviews:

  • David Goggins: Tells his story of how a  brutalized, shy, African-American child became the Honor Man in his class of Navy Seals, the bodyguard to the Prime Minister of Iraq during the war, and one of the greatest endurance runners of all time.
  • James Lawrence: If you feel you have unused potential within you and are wondering what to do about it, James Lawrence, a two time Guinness Book Of World Record holder demonstrates to everyone how to bring unused potential to the surface so you can reach your dreams.
  • Trevor Moawad: This man was named by Sports Illustrated as "The Worlds Best Brain Trainer." He is a man who has worked with the world's elite athletes and coaches. He has worked with eleven number one draft picks. Eleven! He has worked with Nick Saban at Alabama helping Coach Saban and the team achieve championship thinking which leads to championship performance. He has worked with professional football teams. And, he has worked with the military including Special Forces. He has done more, much more. The bottom line is this is a man worthy of our time and attention.

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