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Mastering The Mental Game, May Issue -- Free Ebook included - "Facing Your Fears"
May 17, 2021

Welcome to the May edition of "Mastering The Mental Game," a monthly newsletter and free Ebook of tips and strategies designed to help you cope with the roller coaster ride we call life.

In this edition:

Facing Your Fears - Strategies that will help you not only face your fears, but win.

What's Inside The Ebook?

In this ebook I'm going to explore the importance of not allowing your fears to overwhelm you. There is an objective way to see them.

There will be tips and techniques that can make a real difference for you in your personal fight.

Click below for the Ebook.


There's More

In addition to the free Ebook, you will find below descriptions and links to related articles from my website that can help you in your move towards better self-care.

Here's the list with links:

* Improving your mental focus - an article which will keep you on track even in the midst of your fears.


* Changing Your Mindset To face your fears, you will probably need to change your mindset. Here you will get tips and strategies to make it easier and more permanent.


* Dealing With Failure One of the big fears is fear of failure. If this is something you've dealt with, this article might have just the tips and strategies to help you cope.


I want to thank you for subscribing to my Free newsletter and Ebook. I hope you get some good ideas you can act on to fight your fears and win.

The purpose of life is to live. But to live is easier said than done. Hopefully, this month's Ebook and articles will make it happen faster and with less strain.
I wish for you happiness and long life. Or, as the great galactic philosopher Spock said - "Live long and prosper."

Again, to read the Ebook, click the link below.


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