What to do when unmotivated? Use the timer strategy to get results anyway.

Timer is the second easiest of all the strategies (The 5 Second Rule is the easiest). And it's the second one to use when you are unmotivated. The first to use is The 5 Second Rule. But that strategy will only get you started, and in many cases you will continue to make things happen. But what if you start and find yourself stopping? What then? Easy answer, use the timer strategy.

All you need is a timer and you are good to go. You probably have one on your smart phone.

The idea is to trick your mind into believing you are only going to work for a short period of time. So the first segment is 5 minutes (if necessary 3). The mind says, OK, I can do anything for 5 minutes. And you find yourself working on your project for 5 minutes (probably even a little longer). To make it even easier, you might think that in that five minutes, "I'm just going to think how I will work on this project." Use that only if necessary. Otherwise, dig into your project.

Timer goes off. Great. Now, set the time for 10 minutes. That's only five minutes more than the segment before. And more than likely, you will work on your project for ten minutes. Wow. Now, you are up to fifteen minutes even though you had no motivation to start with.

And now? You guessed it. Set the timer for 15 minutes. After all, that is only five minutes longer than the previous segment. And at the end of that segment, you have now worked at least thirty minutes on your project. Probably more.

And here's the cool part. You can use the Timer strategy more than once when you are working on a major problem. So, let's say you did three segments and there is still more to go with the project you are working on. That is not a problem. Just do three more segments. After all 2 X 30 minutes = 1 hour. And...you get to start over again at the first five minute segment. Now everyone is different. You may want to change the length of the segments, or the number of segment, etc. Not a problem. Find what works for you.

You Can Combine The Timer Strategy With The 5 Second Rule To Really Get Much Better Results Than You Might Otherwise.

Now let's look at putting two strategies together. You are sitting on your sofa feeling highly unmotivated. Can't stand thinking about the project you know you need to be working on. What do you do? Easy. You first use The 5 Second Rule to get off the sofa. You count down 5,4,3,2,1 and get off the sofa.

From The 5 Second Rule, you may or may not have gotten much done. Not a problem. Now is the time to use the Timer strategy to really get more accomplished. As you know now, you go into the first segment...five minutes. The mind says ok. Five minutes is not very long. The timer goes off and you set it for ten minutes. You work. It goes off again and you set it for fifteen minutes. When it goes off again, you have now worked thirty minutes. Who knows, you may be excited enough now that you begin to work a lot longer on the project. No? Then just do another three segments with the timer.

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