About Me

I'm Ed Kalski and I'm 72 years old. Wow! Now that is amazing. Time really does fly by.

I've been thinking about my life lately, and decided to create a website people could use to better their lives. In essence, a resource of great ideas and videos.

Since this is an About Me page, here's a little information about me: In college, I graduated with a degree in Education and a minor in Psychology from Ga. State University. Maybe that's where my love for the self-help industry got it's roots. After college I read countless books on self-help and business. I listened to recordings and went to seminars. And I spent a lot of time thinking about everything I was learning. I think this website is as much for me as for the visitors. I wanted to bring a lot of good information into focus.

I remember when I was young, motivation came easy. I loved athletics. All sports. I was a little league all-star, a city champ in swimming (the backstroke), first string football in high school, the same in basketball, and a state champion discus thrower (with a school record).

In business, I worked for a company for 15 years where I managed a store. When I initially took the store over, it averaged $450,000 in sales a year. I got sales up to over a million dollars a year, and did that year after year after year. Again, motivations to grow sales came easy to me. Maybe it was the self-help books, recordings, and the seminars I attended.

So, now that I'm in my later years, and thinking what I wanted to do with my time, I decided to create a website on inspiration and motivation. It just seemed like a natural for me.

I also worry about the way our culture is developing. I wonder how many people see the big picture. Life is a gift. I know that is said often, but I get the feeling at times that some people say it, but watching them, it seems as if those words are only that...words.

I hope to change the percentages of people who are optimistic about the future versus those that are pessimistic. With thought, research, creativity, and initiative anyone can change the direction of their lives. It is certainly not easy (I've had some pretty bad times in my life), but it is doable. I hope my website will help people find and reach more of their potential.

And finally, I hope you enjoy your time on my website as much as I enjoy creating it.

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