An Index Of Affirmations and Quotes Of Successful People!

Why affirmations and quotes? You learn from successful people through their quotes; you change your life with affirmations designed from those quotes. (Example)

Affirmations are an easy way to give both the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind different paths to follow. Paths that can lead you in a different direction than you would have gone otherwise.

When you think different, you make different decisions. And when you make different decisions, you take different actions. And different actions leads to a different, more successful, life.

There is another article on this website titled “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.” You can use affirmations as a technique to change your mindset. And it's a very effective technique if done right.

Here, you will find affirmations that have been formed from the quotes of successful people. If you start thinking like successful people, you're likely to have much more success in your life. Using other people's wisdom is...wise.

Affirmations and Quotes Help Give Your Subconscious Purpose And Direction

Affirmations help you to program your subconscious so you can achieve goals that are important to you. As an example, a quote I liked a lot is from Coach John Wooden. An amazing man who was given an idea from his father when John graduated elementary school.

There was a list of seven “Rules To Live By” on a paper John got from his father. One of them read, “"Make each day your masterpiece." So the affirmation becomes - “I am making today my masterpiece.” Saying that everyday out loud changed my way of looking at each day. It reinforced the idea that we control a lot of what happens to us through the decisions we make. Thinking in terms of making the day a masterpiece is a lot different than just going through the day. There is lot more purpose in my thinking and doing.

If you work hard to make each day a masterpiece, you’ll have a lot different life over time. Maybe not a lot of difference from one day to the next, but when you look at it in terms of an accumulation of day…your life changes dramatically.

So, have some daily affirmations you work with to start making changes in your subconscious which in turn will make changes in your life.

Here’s a key to affirmations. While they are easy to do, they are also easy not to do. And that leads me to a quote from Jim Rohn, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” Which leads to an affirmation that says, “I am practicing a few simple disciplines every day. That will lead me to success.” If you are consistent in practicing simple disciplines every day,  your life will change. Of course that’s another one that is easy to do, and also easy not to do. The question becomes, just how much do you want success?

Here’s the Index of Affirmations From Quotes (Note: over time, there will be many more affirmations of success added to the index):

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