Callusing your mind is a strategy that will pay you many times over in your lifetime. It is so worth the effort and aggravation. And, If you want to develop mental toughness, this is a major technique to master.

Callusing your mind is another strategy I learned from David Goggins. What an amazing man (considered by many to be the toughest man on the planet). You do not have to drive this strategy as far as David has, but with whatever time you devote to this strategy, it will push you ahead of most Americans. Why do I say that? I agree with David that most Americans have become soft. David calls it "being civilized." To many quit as soon as something becomes just slightly hard. And, too, they want instant gratification. Games and the Internet are built for that, but reality is not. In reality it takes time to succeed.

I know you read about people who are "Instant successes." But look further into it and you will find it wasn't instant. It took considerable time, energy and sweat to get the job done. It's so important to realize that. You're going to have to work to reach your goals.

Callusing your mind is one of the toughest tools in the Toolbox to get good at. But, god, is it worth it. You want mental toughness? This is an excellent place to spend your time and effort. Any amount of success you have with this strategy will help you get to the next level.

So, how does it work? It begins with your awareness. Let's say there is something that requires some action on your part, but you realize you are not motivated to do it. Just thinking about it pushes you immediately in another direction. Any other direction, as long as the direction is different. You're running from that which needs to be done.

But to callus your mind, you must force yourself to do it anyway. Even though you don't want to. No ifs, and's, or buts. Like I said, this is one of the toughest tools to use much less master. And to get good at it, you have to use it regularly. The good news is you can use additional techniques from the toolbox to help you push through to the other side. You can do this.

The definition of callus is: "A thickening of or a hard thickened area on skin or bark." Of course in the way we are using the word here, we are talking about causing a thickening or hardening of a part of the brain. That doesn't sound good, but it means, over time, being able to ignore the pain of pursuing a task we really do not want to do.

First, start building your callus with small chores. Most people hate doing chores. But not us, not any longer. We see it as an opportunity to practice doing something when we don't want to. It would be good to use this technique as least once a day. Know this - every time you use this technique, you are adding some callus to your brain, to your fortitude. Your mental toughness grows.

After starting with small targets, move to larger targets. Then, over time, you will build a big enough callus that even tougher situations will fall in line. And your self-esteem will grow. Your self-confidence will grow. You will become a person others will know they can count on in tough times. You will inspire people.

The nature of reality for us as humans is requires effort. Whether we want to take the actions or not, doesn't matter. Staying alive requires action. Mental toughness means taking action.

Start Callusing Your Mind Today And Over Time, It Will Pay You Big Dividends.

So let's dig into the process. First, be ultra aware for those moments where you feel something is necessary for you to do, don't want to do it. For most people, that happens many, if not most, days. It happens multiple times a week. When you get that feeling, know that is your cue to use the technique Callusing Your Mind.

When you get the cue, the next step to take is to break the task down into small, easy-to-do steps. Then, once you know what steps you will be taking, you come against the toughest part of the task...getting started. That happens because you don't want to do the task in the first place.. So, what do you do? Use The 5 Second Rule. Count down from 5 to 1 and like the rockets at NASA, blast off. At least start moving your body. Like I said, the hardest part is just getting started. And to your amazement you will find yourself doing more than just beginning to move towards your goal. It pretty much always works that way.

Then, once you've begun, force yourself to stay focused only on the step you are doing. Do not look forward to the next step and you certainly don't want to listen to the negativity your mind is throwing at you. Stay focused on the actions you are taking to accomplish the step you are on. Once that first step is accomplished, go on to the next step. You have to force yourself to move forward. Step by step by step.

That is how you are building mental toughness. Now you know why I said to start with easier tasks you don't feel like doing. You can build the callus on your brain slowly over time. In the long run, callus builds on callus builds on callus.

A bonus to accomplishing these tasks you don't feel like doing, is that over time you will feel your self-confidence rising. After all, you are getting things done that in the past you would have probably, in the least, procrastinated on. You will feel better about yourself. That is a very good thing. You are building a better reputation with yourself.

As I was working on this Callusing Your Mind technique myself, I found that those things that I would have procrastinated on in the past, not only got done, but actually got done pretty fast. Why? Because I was not allowing myself to get distracted.

Get in the habit of callusing your mind. Use this technique once a day. You'll be glad you did. Over time your life will change in a very remarkable way.

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