Changing Strategies is Tony Robbin's third principle for achieving lasting change in a person's life

When things are not working out, changing strategies becomes an obvious necessity. Sometimes it can be quite painful. But the alternatives are worse. Resorting to drugs or alcohol is only serve to bring greater pain and unhappiness.

When circumstances change, we find ourselves with the tough decision as to what direction to go as well as what process to use to get us there. We have no choice about having to change, but we have so many choices in terms of destinations and strategies.

Perhaps the circumstance haven't changed, but the strategy we have been using turns out to be a bad one. We are not getting the results we want. So...time, again, for a change.

Or, finally, there is the fact that over time, we change. Our goals and dreams are not what they use to be. We want to go for something new. And that, too, requires a change in strategy.

No matter the reason, we have no choice, it's time for a new strategy. And whatever strategy we choose, we want the results to last. Temporary results is not good enough.

In his book, Awaken The Giant Within, Tony Robbins points out three principles to create lasting change. This strategy, Changing Strategies is the third principle. The first principle is Raising Your Standards, the second is Changing Limiting Beliefs, and the third is what we will discuss here.

Figuring Out What To Do When Changing Strategies

Tony says, "One of my core beliefs is that if you set a higher standard, and you get yourself to believe, then you certainly can figure out the strategies." That's true. A simpler way to look at it though is what I heard decades ago, "If you have a big enough why, you can figure out any how." In other words, how bad do you want this new outcome? No matter which quote you use, know that there is an answer, and you can find it.

Even when it is obvious a change is needed, many people keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. Why? Easy answer, they do not want to leave their comfort zone. Of course, they keep getting the same result, over and over and over again. Albert Einstein is believed to have said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." No matter who said it, it certainly makes a lot of sense.

Continuing a bad path does sound kind of insane, doesn't it? So why do they do it? Like I said above, they want to stay in their comfort zone. By definition, one is not comfortable when one has to leave this place of warmth and habit. You're going to have times where you have no choice, change requires it. That happens many times during a lifetime. So, it is best to get use to it.

How does a person decide what strategy to use? Tony Robbins tells us the easiest course of action is modeling. He says, "Find a role model, someone who already is getting the results you want, and then tap into their knowledge." And Tony is right, this will save you a lot of time and effort. After all, if you don't try this, you may end up trying to reinvent the wheel, as they say. This makes changing strategies so much easier.

One of the best places to find your roll model is the Internet. Consider Here you can find, no better yet, watch someone do what you need to do. Or at least express  strategies they use in different situations. And there are other sites you can get great strategies. For instance, there is - Successful people teaching the public how it is done.

Then there are books where people tell their story of trial and tribulations and how they eventually found their answer. So check out biographies and autobiographies. If nothing else, you might find some new way of looking at things, a new paradigm that motivates you just at that moment you really need it. Or get books like Tony's Awaken The Giant Within. Tony says,"Ultimately, that's what this whole book is about." He's saying the whole book is about strategies. Isn't that convenient and inexpensive.

Finally, you can ask friends and family, and even people who are experts in their field. Yes, even experts are willing, sometimes, to help people who ask. Hmmm...I remember a phrase or something. Oh, yes. "Ask and ye shall find." That's a good strategy in and of itself.

So you now have some ideas on changing strategies when and as you need to. Good luck.

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