9 Characteristics of motivation found in all successful people

Learning about the top characteristics of motivation from successful people gives us a useful guide for our own personal development. What gets them going when they don't feel like it? What keeps them going when they are very tired? What is it they focus on when going for their goals? Aren't you curious?

One of the first things you will notice when you watch a successful person working their magic is how hard they work. That is characteristics of motivation number one. No one drifts to success. It take a lot of hard work over time. It takes consistency. There is no escape.

Today so many people are looking for the easy way to get what they want. They want success quickly. Well, success doesn't work that way. It takes time and  consistent action.

How hard are you working towards your goals? Don't kid yourself. This is a place where you must be honest with yourself. Are you putting in the hours and putting forth the effort required to succeed?

Jim Rohn's father had a good saying about hard work. He told Jim, "Always do more than you are paid to do as an investment for your future."

How many young people today have that attitude? I'm sure a lot of them have a great attitude. As to those who don't, that is a great place to begin working on themselves. It calls for a change in their mindset. A new mindset with new choices can make all the difference in the world.

Characteristics Of Motivation Number Two:
A Willingness To Pay The Price No Matter What

All successful people know there is a price to pay for success. It includes time, effort, and a willingness to overcome obstacles.

Time is the most important price to pay. The fact is we all have a limited amount of time. And it is different for different people. But make no mistake about it, time is our most precious resource.

If we squander time, we squander our life. This is another place we cannot kid ourselves. If we are going to take something on, we need to consider it from all angles.

Then there is the price of effort. We pretty much covered that above talking about a willingness to work very hard. Everything of value is upstream. We have to paddle to reach it. Sometimes...we have to paddle very hard. No matter the situation, getting motivated for action is required.

The third attitude in regards to paying the price is a willingness to overcome obstacles. Anything worthwhile will require us to deal with difficulties. No one escapes all the challenges that come their way while they are in pursuit of what they want. When talking about characteristics of motivation, overcoming the negatives of life is essential.

Some obstacles will be minor, some major. It doesn't matter. We have to handle the obstacles. Here's is something to consider: Have you ever watched an ant that is blocked by an obstacle. The ant will do whatever it takes to get beyond the barrier. Over, under, the ant will find a way. You have to be like that ant. Whatever the obstacle, you can and must overcome it.

Successful people  acknowledge this by saying, "Bring it on." If obstacles are going to happen, so be it. Let's handle them so we can move on. Getting back on track by surmounting an obstacle is part of becoming a success. It is part of life.

Let's say you know there will be obstacles ahead. You might practice before hand to see what you can learn about the path to take and the skills and abilities you will need to win.

The Ability To Get Started Is Another Characteristic Of Motivation

So many people find it hard to get started. Even successful people have days that begin with little motivation. But successful people know that things won't get done by themselves, and that once they get started, the road is seldon as bad as they thought it would be.

The average person, on the other hand, listens to his or her negative thoughts and procrastinates. It's called the line of least resistance. But taking that approach leads to disaster.

Taking the line of least resistance happens because the primitive part of a person's brain is designed to protect them against any pain. So as a person contemplates moving forward on something, the brain sees pain ahead and kicks into gear to talk the person out of moving forward. It creates fear that in so many cases is not as bad as the person thinks it is.. That's where the phrase "Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real" came from.

A great book The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins explains an easy way to get started. The technique helps you to get started before your negative brain has a chance to kick-in and stop you. It works and is based on scientific evidence. You simply count down from 5 down to 1. And move. Sounds to easy? Check out this article devoted to The 5 Second Rule.

By counting down, a different part of your brain is activated stopping your primitive brain from kicking in until it's too late. Sometimes you just have to fool the primitive part of the brain. This is one of the most important of the characteristics of motivation you have to get good with.

Planning Is The Fourth Of The Characteristics Of Motivation

A successful person plans his course of action. He doesn't let events happen by whim.If you don't plan ahead, you don't get good results. And, you end up working a lot harder than you need to.

All successful people choose a target they are aiming at and know that a plan to get there is necessary.

Events don't always follow the plan. That doesn't matter. By planning, course corrections become easier to figure out. Even NASA, when going to the moon, had to make mid-course corrections. Expect this to happen and be flexible when it is required of you.

Diligence Is The Fifth Of The Characteristics Of Motivation

If a person is motivated, it matters to them that actions they take will produce results. Seldom will you get good results without diligence.

The definition of diligence is: "Having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties." We can't take just any actions. We have to be diligent that we are taking the right actions and we are getting the right results.

If we find in our diligence that we have been going down the wrong path, we know we need to change. Too often, people keep going down a bad path because they haven't been diligent enough to notice those telling signs that something is amiss. Then they must figure out where they went wrong and find a way to get back on track. To make mid-course corrections. Here is where perverseness matter (One of the characteristics of motivation).

Self-Discipline Is One Of The Most Important Of the Characteristics Of Motivation

Jim Rohns says that "Discipline is the bridge between thoughts and accomplishment." So true. We can't just think our way to success. We have to self-discipline ourselves to take the actions required for achievement.

If a person is motivated, discipline is not much of problem. They can't wait to get at it. To make something happen. Their vision of the future pulls them forward.

But for others, their impulses lead them astray. A person who is disciplined knows better than to allow that to happen. Instead, they stay on plan. Why? Because they know the result they are after and what is required to achieve it. They want it. They are motivated to get it. So they accept the need for discipline.

Over time, a motivated person develops habits that keep them on track. Day by day, they master the mundane. A motivated person knows that it's the everyday, mundane actions that will get them to the top. That's the power of self-discipline, that is the power of consistency.

The Seventh Of The Characteristics Of Motivation is Being And Staying Focused

Focusing one's attention is required for success on any level. This characteristic goes hand in hand with diligence.

So many people want to multitask. Multitasking may be alright for everyday tasks, but when it comes to something as important as going after a dream, multitasking doesn't cut it. You simply have to focus on what you are doing. You absolutely want to make as few mistakes as possible. When it comes to long term goals, you are pretty well guaranteed to make mistakes. But, obviously, the less the better. By focusing your attention on what you are doing, you are less likely to become distracted, and less likely to make mistakes.

A person can learn to focus their mind better if they practice it. The brain can be trained. That is part of having a growth mindset. Time spent on learning to focus better on what is right in front of you is time well spent.

A motivated person is task and achievement orientated. Yes, they are focused on their goals, but they are also focused on the task that will lead them to their goals. Watch a person who is motivated. It can be downright hard to get them off the task they are on. Why? They know what they want and they know the consequences of getting off task.

Perseverance Is The Eighth Of The Characteristics Of Motivation

You want to know how motivated a person is? One of the best indicators is to watch what a person does when obstacle after obstacles flies in the face of their success. It is easy to show that the average person gives up to soon. In fact, that is one of the primary characteristics of failure - quitting too soon.

We define perseverance as "continued effort and determination despite obstacles and delay." That continuation comes about through choice. And the choices you make here will have major consequence for your life. Jim Rohn taught, “Don't wish it was easier wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.” Shouldn't that be taught in schools?

When confronted with that choice as to whether to go forward or not in spite of obstacles, it is wise to remind yourself why you decided to go forward in the first place. When you began, you valued your goal enough to get started, to make plans, to start taking action, etc. Those same reasons probably still apply. Are they strong enough to overcome the barriers you face? If your answer is yes, you may have to get creative to overcome the obstacles. As the saying goes, "When your why is big enough, the how becomes easy."

What benefits will you get if you continue? Let those re-motivate you. Visualize the positive results you will get. Realize that here is a chance to also callus your mind. That is a good thing because on the other side of the pain is success. Reach into the cookie jar, pick out something you had to overcome in the past and still succeeded, and realize you are a lot tougher than you were allowing yourself to believe during the pain. Overcoming the present obstacle will make you stronger. You will find yourself getting motivated for action. Don't give up too soon.

The Ninth Of The Characteristics Of Motivation Is Mastery

Very motivated people take their goals so seriously for so long that they become masters. They could teach a course in what they do. They could write a book about how they overcame the odds to will, to arrive at the top of the mountain.

Not every goal requires mastery. But it would serve you well, to ask yourself if that is what you want. To master the subject through hard work, perseverance, focus, discipline, indeed all the characteristics of motivation we've discussed in this article. Is that for you?

Well, that's all for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if in the future I add to this article. I hope you enjoyed it.

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