Do you believe that commitment changes everything? No? Then you need to think again. It absolutely does.

Believing that commitment changes everything is an attitude you really must develop. Why? Because if you are not committed, you will allow yourself to become easily distracted. And you will fail. And that is not a good way to lead your life.

In addition to that, with long-term success being so hard, if you are not will quit.

I think Steve Jobs said it best. He said that a person would quit something they are not passionate about because they are sane. Yes, you read that right - SANE. After all, what rational person would work so hard on something so difficult if they weren't passionate about it?

This quote by Jim Rohn says it all - Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” - Jim Rohn

So how do you measure someone's commitment? Think for a moment about things in the past that you were committed to. How serious were you? The amount of time you spent on a goal is an excellent clue as to how committed you were to it. Check out any expert or top athlete and you will see an inordinate amount of time they have devoted to their craft. With these people, they take goal commitment seriously. There is no commitment issue, period, end of story.

So, one way to check someone's commitment, is by looking at their calendar. If it is pretty empty, they are obviously not very committed. That, alone, indicates what commitment meant to them...not much. On the other hand, if you see someone's calendar is replete with days, weeks and years of timely effort, you have a person who is truly committed. A  person who knows that commitment changes everything. They have promised themselves they will do something, and by god, they are going to do it. That explains why there are people with less talent who can outperform those who have tons of talent, but lack in the commitment department.

So If Commitment Changes Everything, Where Should You Start?

One easy way to change your life for the better is by putting what you are committed to on the calendar I learned this strategy from Jordan Adler, a very successful entrepreneur.

Jordan says he learned about committing to something when one year he realized that how much he wanted to go on a special vacation. The problem was he had been talking about that same vacation for years. And sure enough, year after year, he had been putting it off. It wasn't until he put the trip on his calendar, that it become something more than just a wish, more than just a hope.

Jordan put the trip on his calendar three months out, and low and behold, now that he was committed, everything changed. Sure enough, three months later, he was on an Island having the best vacation of his life. This joyous experience came about because Jordan put it on his calendar. The trip went from wishful thinking to reality. There is something important there for all of us to learn.

Do you want a different life? Yes? Then think about something you really want to do. When do you want to achieve it? Right now put it on your calendar. It doesn't matter how motivated you feel right this moment. How you feel in the moment never matters when you are committed.

Depending on how big the goal is, you may need to break up it up into smaller pieces. Jordan Adler believes in breaking just about every project he does into three parts. It's just easier to handle the goal that way. (If you need to break one of your projects into more than three parts, by all means do it.)

And if you are wondering when to commit to a goal, that is easy. Commit when you feel the heat, when you feel a strong desire. Don't wait. Once you feel hot about something, go ahead and commit to begin the process. Start wherever you are. Too many people procrastinate. They let their short-term desires get in the way of their long-term dreams.

Commitment Means You Are Going To Do What You Said You Would Long After The Feeling You Said It In Has Left.

Life is difficult. The above headline is easier said than done. That's obvious. But know there are tools in the Motivational Toolbox that can help you follow through on your commitments. You can always use the 5 Second Rule for just about everything. Then there is the What If strategy. Or, how about the Callusing Your Mind strategy? And there are others.

This brings us back to Commitment. Pick a tool and commit to using it. What if it didn't work the way you had hoped? Easy - pick another tool. And, if necessary, another tool. Commitment means you keep going until...until you succeed. Even if the feeling you said it in has left. Again, commitment changes everything. Commitment is the foundation of success.

The time has come to cleanse the mind of any and all limiting beliefs; it is time to commit to reaching for the dream you've long desired. Commitment changes everything.

Here is a video of John Assaraf about commitment. One thing he asks the viewer is: Are you ready to give up the stories you tell yourself that keep you from moving forward? And make no mistake about it, we all have stories we tell ourselves about what we can do and what we cannot do. Especially, people with commitment issues. And those stories are built into our self-image. Here is the video by

Here are the three questions John says to ask yourself about each goal:

  • What do I need to learn?
  • What do I need to believe?
  • What do I need to do to achieve my goals?

If you want to confirm that, indeed, commitment changes everything, you need to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis. Watch your limiting beliefs fall by the wayside and watch your achievement soar.

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