3 major components of success contained in the Daffodil Principle

No matter where you look, three components of success are found in every significant achievement. All you have to do is analyze successful people. In any field of endeavor, these same three components are always present -  initiative, persistence, and consistency. Without fail.

Take a look at Michael Jordan. Did he have initiative? Yes. Was he persistent in his endeavor? Absolutely. How about consistency? Without a doubt.

How about Tom Brady? Or Elon Musk? How about Tiger Woods or Steve Jobs? Yes, yes, and yes.That is called a major clue to success. You have to develop these three components, all contained in the Daffodil Principle.

The Daffodil Principle reveals that a person who is willing to  take initiative, stay persistent, and work consistently to improve themselves can create remarkable results.

I’m not saying you will be a world champion at something even if you put in considerable time and effort. That is not the point. The point is if you want to be the best you can be at something, you have to put these three components to work in your performance.

Try anything without this three components and you are leaving your success open to mere chance and luck. That seldom works out for the best. You can do better.

Let’s get precise and really dig-in.

Inside The Three Major Components Of Success

We begin with initiative. Achievement starts here, with desire. What is it you want? Keep that in mind as we look at a definition of initiative.

Initiative is the ability to judge what one wants (or what needs to be done), and to then take action.

That is easy to state, but usually not easy to do. That is where the other two components of success come in - persistence and consistency,

Persistence is “continuing to do something despite difficulties and challenges.” So now, you know what you want, initiative,  and you’ve decided to continue your quest even when you’re challenged to give up.

Now we move to consistency. It’s definition is, “behaving or acting the same way  over time.” In our case, the same way applies to an attitude - the attitude of getting better, of continually improving.

Judging Your Chances Of Success

You can judge your chances of succeeding by comparing your present actions to those of the Daffodil Principle. Are you taking initiative? Are you persistent facing obstacles? And are you working hard to continually improve?

Yes? Congratulations. No? Don’t beat yourself up. You’re human. You need to readjust your expectations and come up with a new strategy. That is what this website is designed to help you with.

Recognize that a lot of changes in life come at their own pace -  slowly. There is that old saying that “nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” And that ‘overnight success’ was not really  overnight. You just don’t know the hardships the “overnight success” had to go through.

A good question to ask yourself are whether your consistent action are moving forward towards your goal or are they spoiling your chances, holding you back?

Know that as you persist, you will reach points where momentum sets in. That is a good thing. During this period, positive results will come faster and easier. That helps to make up for the obstacles you had to endure.

Using the Daffodil Principle to achieve your goals is an important step. It’s three components of success work when used. Everyone has to make the choice, to follow the lessons of the Daffodil Principle, or not. How about you? What do you,? Choose wisely.

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