3 Concentration Exercises To Counteract Our Age Of Distraction

Concentration Exercises Can Make A Difference

The age of distraction is here, and it is everywhere. While we get many wonderful benefits from our digital devices, there is also the harmful effect - a declining attention span.

It has been said that humans now have a lower attention span than goldfish. I don't know if that is true, but there can be no doubt our attention span is a lot worse than 10 and especially 20 years ago.

That is a terrible cost. The good news is there are ways to combat it.

We use distractions as a way to stay busy. But, the question is, busy at what? Just going from one distraction to the next on our cell phones? That's not productive.

Most goals require time and effort to complete and succeed. They require concentration to be effective.

So the question becomes, do you want to be successful or will it be okay with you to settle for being less than you could. What a tremendous price to pay.

You were born with potential. Whether you live up to it or not is your choice. Being distracted from your goals is not a way to reach your best life.

Do you want long-term happiness, or short-term, momentary joy? Thinking short-term and going after one shiny object after another will lead you to a mediocre life...or worse.

Three Concentration Exercise To Strengthen Your Ability To Focus

In this modern era, you have to work at concentration. Concentration is a skill. It can be practiced.

Breaking a habit is not easy. It is best to start with small steps. After all, you wouldn't try running a marathon to begin your workout routine. That you would have to work into.

It's the same way with getting better concentration.

I say it is best to begin at a level in which you cannot fail. You can and will increase your efforts as you go along. A mentor of mine once said that it doesn't matter so much, where you begin (it can be quite small), what matters is you have a good plan to improve upon.

By beginning with small steps, you won't feel stress that can stop you before you get very far. Be gentle with yourself at the beginning.

Slow, building, progress leads the way. Doing it on a regular bases is what matters.

Concentration Exercise 1:

Pick something you do on a regular bases. Let's say you pick driving to work. You've done it so many times, it has become entirely habitual. You don't have to concentrate much at all.

That is a good place to being concentrating more. Keep your attention on the road and other vehicles along side you and behind.

That sounds so simple. I bet you your mind will wonder. Instead of letting your mind continue in this way, consciously, bring it back to concentrating on the road.

Practice this each day. Concentrating here will help train your mind to concentrate at other times.

Concentration Exercise 2:

You are at a place where you are talking to someone. So much of the time, people do not pay first class attention to who they are talking to.

As an example, the person is talking and instead of paying attention to them, you are thinking of what you want to say. Yes, you hear the person talking, but how well are the words registering with you?

Or perhaps there are other people around and you allow yourself to pay some attention to someone else. Again, you hear the words of the person who is sitting across from you, but, again, how well are the words registering?

From this moment on, pay better attention when you are having a conversation with someone. Become a good listener. Concentrate on what the person is saying without distraction.

Concentration Exercise 3:

Concentrate on your breathing. Yes, this is a one form of meditation. And, you may be asking yourself, Breathing?

The Navy Seals make a big deal out of breathing. There are many benefits. We will consider only one of them.

You will find, with practice, that concentrating on your breathing will reduce stress levels. It naturally calms the body. If your body is at rest, it's much harder to stay stressed. You will find yourself more peaceful.

A good article that goes into more detail is from WebMD. Here is a link:

Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

In Conclusion:

Starting out, why not pick just one of the above three exercises. Keeping things simple gives you a better chance of success. After you have conquered one exercise, go to the next, and after that the third.

On each one, if you find yourself at any point distracted, just go back and begin concentrating again. Maybe you were trying to progress too fast.

Remember the old saying, "If you fall off a horse, get right back on." Don't quit. You can only fail if you quit.

Also, to succeed, you must practice. There is no other way.

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