Don't Break The chain...a strategy to bring consistency to your efforts and, at the same time, help you end procrastination

What the heck is Don't Break The Chain? Well, let's say you have something you want to achieve. A goal. You can see it in your mind's eye. You can also see all of the time and effort it will take to achieve it. You're excited and ready to begin.

Only there is a problem. You recall all those times you've tried, failed, and tried again in the past, before finally giving up. You do not want this to happen again. So, what do you do?

What if there was a strategy you could implement that actually showed you the way to consistency? And, in addition to that, it helped pull you back when you were tempted to go off track. Kept you from going back to your old ways. What would that be worth to you?

There is such a strategy and it's name is "Don't Break The Chain." It works. It works really well. I've used it many times. And...if you combine it with another strategy called The 5 Second Rule, you have a better chance of succeeding.. At the end of this article I will talk more about that strategy and how powerful you become when you use the combination.

How "Don't Break The Chain" Works

This is such a simple, but effective, technique. All you need is a calendar and a sharpie (or pen).

Every day you take the appropriate action towards your goal, you put an "X" on that day in your calendar. How easy is that? Then, when you place an "X" on day 2 because you've taken the appropriate action, you have now started a chain. And your goal becomes to not break the chain (Hence the name).

The chain continues every day you take appropriate action. But if you miss a day, you not only put no "X" for that day, but the chain starts all over the next day you take appropriate action. You back to day 1.

Why "Don't Break The Chain" works

It's human nature to want good happenings to continue. And you've had a contract with yourself that you would the continue the chain, continue to take appropriate action towards achieving your goal. When, on any day you fail, you experience some pain. You've broken the contract.  No one wants to feel bad.

To enhance the power of this strategy, remind yourself everyday of your "Why." What will you get, in the end, when you achieve your goal? What are the benefits of your success? Reminding yourself of this, strengthens your resolve.

Combining "Don't Break The Chain" With The Strategy "The 5 Second Rule"

I talked earlier about combining Don't Break The Chain with The 5 Second Rule. Separately, these two techniques are powerful. Combined, their power is truly amazing. 

First, you decide what appropriate action you will take daily. You start the chain. But you find on one or more days, you just don't feel like taking action. This is where the second strategy comes in. Using The 5 Second Rule helps you take action even when you don't feel like it. Perfect!

You just count down 5,4,3,2,1 Blastoff. Negative thoughts do not have the time they need to hole you back. You take the action and you get to put another "X" on your calendar continuing the chain. Everything remains in tack and you're on your way to achieving your goal.

Summing up: You will be amazed at the results you get when you apply Don't Break The Chain. When you add The 5 Second Rule, you become almost invincible.

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