"Everything Is Figureoutable" is a new book by Marie Forleo that gives us a unique view of Mankind Which Gives Us hope for a troubled world

Everything Is Figureoutable is a new book by Marie Forleo. For years I have watched Marie TV and enjoyed it so much that when Marie came out with her book book, I bought it. I couldn't wait to read it. It was well worth my time.

After reading the book, I believe her phrase, "Everything Is Figureoutable," should be considered a primary guide to life. I say this because as we all know, life contains a large stream of obstacles, barriers, and challenges to deal with. Nobody escapes.

Those negative situations need to be dealt with. Well, Marie's book is like an instruction manual for dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. It is a very positive and realistic book. 

So Who Is Marie Forleo?

Marie is a Jersey girl who formed a company that has been listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America. It is as impressive as Marie is.

Part of her company is MarieTV. In it, her videos are like a video school about life and business. It is produced so well, and has such great content, that it has acquired millions of views. The show is "full of wit, wisdom and actionable ideas to help you create a business and a life you love."

In addition, Marie has created a school for entrepreneurs called B-School. Students learn how to envision what they want, plan it, and act on their dreams. In an 8-week interactive video training session, business owners learn smart, successful online marketing tactics to increase sales and impact online. In today's economy, everyone in business needs this training.

Marie Forleo has been described by Oprah Winfrey as "a thought leader for her generation." She is a powerhouse with a colorful personality. She is exuberant. And her insights into life form the basis of her book 'Everything Is Figuroutable.'

Having said all this, let's delve into the principle belief that Everything Is Figureoutable.

Everything Is Figureoutable - Past, Present And Future

The following is a general context for the basis of Marie's phrase and the title of her book:

Think, for a moment, what our world would be like if humans were less able to figure things out. It would obviously be a terrible place in which to live. And, for millions of years that was reality. People died young and life was truly dreadful. There will be more on that in a minute.

Here's an obvious question: Why didn't people figure out things faster? Why did it take millions of years before the Industrial Revolution occurred and lifted people out of poverty the way it did?

Believe it or not, people, for so long, did not believe things were figureoutable. They literally accepted the way things were. Think about people you know today. How many merely  accept the condition they find themselves in? Yes, they may complain, but do they do anything about it. No! Big mistake.

Thankfully, there have been people throughout history who figured out how to change their environment and the situations they found themselves in. Thanks to them, today our living conditions are so much better.

In fact, I believe today, right now, is the greatest time in history to be alive. I know, I know, we have our problems. But let's look at conditions today compared to the past. 

For millions of years, there were famines and starvation, babies dying at birth, mothers dying at birth, and life expectancy around 40 years. I know there are still famines and starvation in parts of the world, but nothing like it was before the Industrial Revolution.

What happened during the Industrial Revolution?

Humans figured out how to become more productive. They figured out how to make steel, make engines and so much more. More productivity meant more wealth. In fact, Capitalism (the social structure of the Industrial Revolution) created a middle class for the first time in history. Suddenly, people were not as poor.

The Miracles Of Modern Life Came About Because Everything Is Figureoutable

Take a moment and think about the goods and services available to mankind today. What would life be like if in medicine we did not have hospitals, MRI's, medications, and so much more? Those improvements to life were not around for a very long time.

Or, consider perhaps the situation in transportation. Think what daily life would be like if we had to rely on horses and our own two legs? How long would it have taken you to get to your last vacation? How close would you have to live in terms of work? Hmmm....what about the manure horses leave behind?

And speaking of work, would you make a good farmer? 95% of the populace were farmers before the Industrial Revolution. 

Before the Industrial Revolution there were no supermarkets, no WalMart, no Target. How miserable would you be?

Finally, I think it is important to think how living conditions would be without air conditioning and central heat. How many old people would die from the heat or the cold? 

I think you get the idea. We should be so very grateful that everything can be figured out.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life With The Belief That Everything Can Be Figured Out

I have an article on this website titled Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. Basically, if you change your mindset, you will produce different results, producing for you a new, and hopefully, better lifestyle.

I suggest a good way to change your mindset is by adopting the saying that everything is figureoutable. Beliefs are important (Marie talks a lot about beliefs in her book). And one of the most important beliefs you can have is that everything is figureoutable.

I had to learn it the hard way. When I was 23, over only six months, I had a lot of negatives happen to me. My mother passed away at the age of 46 (Mom was the first death I ever experienced), two weeks later I lost my favorite grandfather to a heart attack (he was found holding a picture of my mother in his hands. He actually died of a broken heart), I was fired from a job, and ended up divorced. That's a lot to deal with, especially over just six months.

I lost all ambition. It was kind of like me saying to the Universe, "Do with me what you will. I have no power to fight you."

I was in a lot of pain, I knew I needed help. I got it and with the help of a therapist got to a much better place. One thing I learned was that I could figure out a way to find the old me and push forward. There were answers. That was my first lesson that everything is figureoutable. Early 20s, now 70.

Whatever you are facing, chances are there is a path to a better place.

Three Big Ideas From Everything Is Figureoutable

There are so many good ideas in this book that I could talk about. But I have adopted two ideas that I use from time-to-time as mantras. Let's delve into them.

The first idea is what I have already discussed so much, the main point of the book, Everything Is Figureoutable. Marie said in her book that she has mantras she uses to help her in difficult times. Well, I find myself using the primary idea of the book as a mantra, as well,  in many instances.

When I say to myself, Everything Is Figureoutable, it puts me in the right frame of mind to have the confidence that I can figure out whatever I need to figure out so I can accomplish my task. That is such a good feeling. I highly recommend you trying it out yourself. It may surprise you. Mantras can do that.

So, what is the process? First, when trying to figure things out, I suggest you observe what might be close by. Your answer might be within easy reach. But not if you don't look for it. The old saying, "If it was a snake, it would have bit me," applies.

But that isn't always the case. Sometimes you have to be creative. The best book I have ever read on creativity (and I have read many books on this topic) is Thinkertoys. The book has so many techniques and examples, I find myself reading it over and over so I can become subconsciously more creative.

The second idea from Marie I have started using as a mantra is - "Start before you are ready." I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it works.

Why would you start before you are ready? Two reasons: First, it's easy to get into what is known as paralysis from analysis. This is when you analyze and analyze and analyze, but do nothing except procrastinate. Or a person might never start at all because they don't feel confident enough. That, too, is bad and defeating.

I also love what Marie says about Clarity. She says, "Clarity comes from engagement, not thought." There are times it is best to get started and then figure everything out as you go. It can be like driving in fog. You can only see 15 feet in front of you. But when you go that 15 feet, suddenly you can see 15 more feet. And perhaps when you go that 15 feet, suddenly the world opens up to you and you can see miles ahead.

You might ask, "Won't you make mistakes and fail along the way?" Yes, but Marie has a saying for that as well. She says, "Either I win or I learn, but I never fail." Good right? Michael Jordan has said the same thing. In fact, he says he succeeded because he failed so much. He also says he has no regrets at all, even when he missed last second shots that cost the team a win. And the reason he can say this is because of how he deals with failure...100% as a learning experience.

There are more great ideas in Marie Forleo's book. I highly recommend you get it. As one reviewer put it, it's a roadmap to success. And always remember that everything is figuroutable. Do that and your life will change for the better.

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