Is it fear you feel or is it really
excitement? a mistake here can cost you dearly.

Excitement and fear are both strong emotions. There is a thin line between the two. The feeling in your body for both is very similar. And it is important to realize that similarity. Most people don't, instead, they confuse the two. Is that you?

What if what you think is fear, is not really fear? After all, your perception could be wrong. And if it excitement, that excitement can become fuel to help you succeed. But if you think it fear, you will inhibit yourself and lose out on the opportunity.

So let's delve in a little farther. Obviously, we humans are not omnipotent. We can and often do make mistakes about our initial perception of a situation. Take a moment and think about your life. How often has that happened to you? How did it turn out? Usually not good. Right?

What did you do afterwards? Did you learn from it? If it went wrong for you, did you only feel the embarrassment and pain? On the other hand, perhaps it turned out positive. It turned out your fear was unjustified. Either way...there are lessons you can learn.

Obviously, if we are feeling fear, we will react one way. and if we are feeling excitement, we will react in an entirely different way. One pushes us forward, the other holds us back.

What should you do? Here's a technique I learned from Mel Robbins, the inventor of the 5 Second Rule. Try this: Say to yourself "I'm excited" and see if that rings true. If it doesn't ring true, and you find yourself thinking, "The hell I'm excited. I'm scared!" you will then know where you stand. It's fear.

It's important to face your fears. You shouldn't ignore them. Why? Because you have to work through your fears to achieve your goals. You can't let fear hold you back from reaching your dream. Perhaps you've heard of the acronym F.E.A.R. which stands for False Reality Appearing Real. Most of the time what we feel as fear, what we worry about, never happens.

But what if what you are feeling is excitement? Then it is all engines forward. We move ahead to our goal wholeheartedly. When you say to yourself, "I'm excited," and you find you are...rejoice. It is good to be excited. That can be the energy you need to succeed.

What If The Excitement Is Overwhelming? And you Aren't Sure You Can Handle It? That Does Happen. What Then?

Excitement can, at times, be overwhelming. What do you do then? Simple. You go to the toolbox and pick a tool to help you move forward. It could be the 5 Second Rule, or Callusing Your Mind, or What If ("What if I overcome this feeling of feeling overwhelmed?" You get the idea). The main point is you don't back down. Your goal or dream is on the other side of what you are feeling. You are outside your comfort zone. That's good. Growth and everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. Embrace it.

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