Finding Motivation Everyday Helps Us Create A Masterpiece Day, Which when added to other masterpiece days, Helps Us Create A Masterpiece Life

How does a person go about finding motivation everyday? For me, there is a simple answer. Perhaps it will work for you as well.

It all begins with how I start my day. Every morning I begin with an affirmation: “Today I am going to have a masterpiece day.” I got that idea from Coach John Wooden who got the idea from his father.

I wish I would have heard that piece of advice when I was a child. My life would have been different and, in many ways, better. Finding motivation every day begins with a morning ritual.

I know it is simple, very simple. But you have to start somewhere. Jim Rohn taught that direction equals destination. That is so important, it bears repeating. Direction equals destination.

What mental direction are you starting each morning? Do you have a set routine or do you just wing it? By this I mean - are you merely reacting to what comes your way or, instead, do you craft your day?

It is so important to give your challenge the thought it requires as well as the time you need to reason it all out. Starting your day with a chosen direction doesn't guarantee success, but it is a precursor.

Which brings me to the second belief to try to change your life. I learned this one from Marie Forleo. She wrote a book I highly recommend titled, Everything Is Figureoutable (My book review).

I now use those three words as a mantra to remind myself how I will deal with any challenge. I just repeat to myself, no matter what I am confronted with...everything is figureoutable. And pretty much it really is.

Now think about this, when you work every day to create a masterpiece day, meaning you have decided on the direction you plan to travel, and you believe you can figure out how to deal with any challenge that might arise, then over time, day-after-day, the result is a masterpiece life, which I consider as life's golden destination. And, isn’t that something we all want?

Finding Motivation Everyday Helps To Reduce Procrastination

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to set goals, and how hard it is to follow through to completion? Procrastination is everyone’s foe. And the reason procrastination is so formidable has to do with the primitive part of our brain which causes a fight or flight response. And in that moment, it’s amazing how often flight wins.

The brain was originally formed to protect us from danger. And way back in our past, that was essential for us as primitive people to survive. Of course the thing today is we are not primitive anymore. And we don’t have to face most of the dangers our ancestors did.

But the primitive part of our brain doesn’t realize how much things have changed for mankind. It keeps doing what it has done for centuries.

To an extent, motivation can win the day. That is why we need to find what motivates us on a daily basis. That absolutely helps. No doubt about it. And it’s important. But, by itself, it is not enough. When goals and emotions compete, emotions win too much of the time even if we are motivated.

Tools Added To Motivation Wins The Day

What’s a person to do when motivation is not enough. Answer: Use tools that get you across the line. Carpenters would not be productive without their tools. And for everyone, there are tools to help us achieve our goals.

On this site, for instance, you will find many tools you can add to your motivation. For instance, there is The 5 Second Rule created by Mel Robbins. Or the Callusing Your Mind technique created by David Goggins. Or perhaps, you might use the technique Don’t Break The Chain created by Jerry Seinfeld.

With many tools, you just need to find the ones that work for you. But even with the tools, everything begins with finding motivation everyday.

Every time you accomplish your goals, overcoming negative thoughts and emotions, you get stonier and your confidence grows. Life is a mental game, and how you play matters.

Finding motivation everyday takes effort. A lot of effort. But, it is worth it.

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