Three Foundational Tools That Will Give You Your Best Chance Of Succeeding

Before we get into the three foundational tools of the toolbox, let’s start with something obvious: Everyone is creating a wholly unique life. That is as simple, direct, and obvious as it gets.

Well, while no two journeys are the same,  the toolbox needed to get each person to their particular destination contains the same tools.

Why? Also a simple answer. It is because we all have the same human nature. The same basic material of life.

Welcome to the motivational toolbox.

While there are many tools in the box, there are three tools foundational to creating a great life. Think of it as three tools designed specifically to strengthens the entire structure of the journey.

Let’s say your goal is to accomplish a particular dream. A big dream.  Big dreams take time and effort. So to get started on the right foot going in the right direction you need a solid philosophy and two important attitudes.

The Three Foundational Tools Forming The Foundation Of Your Toolbox

The Slight Edge Philosophy:

What if there was a philosophy for success that was simple and easy to do. And it worked. Really worked. It's been proven to work over and over again. It has changed many lives. And what if it worked for you like it has for so many others? Why not try it on for size?

Check it out: The Slight Edge Philosophy

The Daffodil Principle (The attitude of consistency):

This is from a book by the same name. It does an elegant job of showing what can be achieved by one person putting in consistent effort over time. And when you think about a team working according to this principle, well, it would seem that nothing is impossible.

Check it out: The Daffodil Principle

Commitment Changes Everything (The attitude of not giving up):

Do you believe that commitment changes everything? No? Then you need to think again. Every goal and dream requires resilience, the trait of not giving up when times get tough. That is accomplished through commitment.

Check it out: Commitment

These three tools can change your life in and of themselves. That is why they are foundational. To use them will take time and effort. But, it will be so worth it. Give yourself the gift these three tools can give you.

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