The  Gratitude Technique Can Help You Be Happier Day By Day And, if necessary, Help You Come Out Of A Downward Spiral

The Gratitude Technique has two purposes. There is a grand global purpose and a more  localized specific purpose. I will cover both purposes in this article.

But let's start with the global purpose of gratitude - it is simply the creation of happiness. We will begin with that.

What is your strategy for happiness? Do you have one? Or, are you going to leave it to chance? I hope not.

How Gratitude Affects Happiness

Gratitude should be a part of your happiness strategy. What steps should you take to accomplish this? According to studies, thinking of three things you're grateful for every day for three weeks will result in a significant increase in feelings of happiness. How about that? And, it is simple to do.

Of course, you could use this technique for any three weeks of your life, but why not use it every day for the rest of your life? "A little happiness is good, a lot of happiness is better."

There is one problem with this gratitude technique. Anything that is easy to do, is also easy not to do. Which do you choose? Easy to do or easy not to do? We're talking about your happiness. Choose wisely.

And keep in mind...gratitude changes everything.

Now, Let’s Look At The Gratitude Technique In Terms Of A More Localized Specific Use

There are times in our lives when things almost seem to conspire against us, when it seems that all things are going in a bad direction at the same time. It’s the basis for a downward spiral.

At some time or another, we all experience downward spirals. We have to pull ourselves out which is not an easy task.

A downward spiral not only needs to be stopped, it needs to be reversed. How do we go about doing that?

Even in bad times, there are things we can find to be grateful for. We just need to focus our minds. By doing this, we get a clear picture that not everything has gone bad. It gives us the chance to get a better perspective and opens up new possibilities. That is where we start. It all starts in our mind with gratitude!

To get perspective, we can shift our view temporarily and think of those things we have to be grateful for. They are there, we just allowed current circumstances to block our view.

Taking a moment to be grateful for what we have changes the energy flow in our mind and body. We become stronger. It's like adding electricity to a house when the lights have gone out.

The Gratitude Technique is to our mind and body what a generator is to a house. The generator kicks in when the lights go out which allows us to keep moving until primary electricity is restored. That is what the Gratitude Technique does for us.

Then, once we are revived and clear that not everything is desperately wrong, we can use other techniques to get momentum going.

There is the Cookie Jar Technique developed by David Goggins. With this technique we reach into the cookie jar we created in our mind that stores all the times we were in a difficult situation, but came out on top. Ones where we succeeded.

This reminds that we are a lot stronger than we may think at those times we are blinded by a negative situation. Our self-confidence starts to grow. Thankfully, momentum happens.

Then, in addition, you could use the What If Technique to begin looking for ways to a "see" a better place. What if, one by one, you overcame each difficulty you find yourself in. When you ask, "What If," your subconscious goes into overdrive and creatively comes up with possibilities. We are starting to make a comeback.

Then, with a better future in mind, pick one thing to work on and, if you find yourself fearful, use the Small Steps Technique to slowly but surely work your way towards a better possibility. After that, just continue using small steps to work on the next obstacle. And then the next. Many successful small steps can lead to massive progress.

During this whole ordeal, you could also use quotes and affirmations to help you keep a positive attitude. Here’s some for you to consider:

Willpower Affirmations From Quotes Of Successful People.
Confidence Affirmations From Quotes Of Successful People.
Inspirational Life Quotes Of Successful People.

Here is one that is particularly relevant:

“It is necessary to learn to embrace work, as we can’t simply wait for a miracle to arrive and change our fortunes.”  -  Jim Rohn

    ⁃ Affirmation: I don’t wait for miracles to happen that will change my fortune. I make things happen in my life.

As Marie Forleo says in her book, "Everything Is Figuroutable." That is the attitude of winners. Why not make that your mantra when times are bad? So be grateful and use the Gratitude Technique to find your way when things are difficult.

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