How to stay motivated to achieve your goal

It's important to know how to stay motivated to achieve any goal. And that's not an easy task. Especially in today's culture where distractions abound like ants on an ant mound.

So, let's start with you having picked a goal you want very much to achieve. It's important to you. That's good. You, of course, already know it will take quite a bit of time and effort. That being the case, sustaining your motivations becomes a major concern.

Everything important to you is upstream. You will not be able to just drift to the summit. You will have to paddle and probably paddle very hard. And...there will be obstacles and barriers you will have to overcome. That's called life. Not to think so is naive.

You have to be realistic. Yes, you are motivated at first, but if you see only the benefits, and ignore what is actually happening in the moment, you will become blindsided over and over again. You cannot allow that to happen. It is important to look at things as they are.

So considering all of the above, what can you do to stay motivated? Everyone wishes there was some kind of magic wand. There isn't. If it was easy, everyone would succeed.

What you will need is a good philosophy of success to guide you, and an attitude of resilience with the truth always in front of you. And finally, you will need a great motivational toolbox with many tools and techniques to get leverage in your endeavors.

Let's get started.

How To Stay Motivated To Succeed With The Right Philosophy

From my article, The slight edge Philosophy - a philosophy that will set you apart from the amateurs and the unsuccessful.

  • Whenever you hear of an overnight success, realize one very important fact. It was never done overnight. What people took as overnight was actually thousands, probably millions of small steps taken over time. One after another. And probably very mundane steps.
  • And, in many cases, the steps were easy to do. But if that's the case, if it is something easy to do, why aren't more people successful? Here's the key: What's easy to do is also easy not to do. And in today's world where people want instant gratification, people opt for the "easy not to do." They don't put in enough effort.

So your philosophy has to be for the long term. When you think long term, you will be better able to handle the setbacks. Also, you will realize that the mundane actions done every day will eventually lead you to success. It doesn't take one superhuman action that will bring you success. It's the process that will bring you success. Become task orientated. Getting the job done includes doing all the small seemingly insignificant steps that lead to progress (and progress leads to happy feelings that will help you maintain your motivation). Incremental progress matters.

I highly recommend you read my article The Slight Edge Philosophy. It is probably one of the strongest answers as to how to stay motivated to succeed.

How To Stay Motivated To Succeed With The Right Attitude

The first step in maintaining a success oriented attitude is visualization. If there is a super power for creating a great future, it could very well be visualization. In essence, you see yourself enjoying the benefits of success. This is your "WHY" for success. What will you get out of succeeding? It is a good idea to continually remind yourself of that why as you are putting forth so much effort.

In his book, "Think And Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill suggest you look at your why in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you go to sleep. This was his suggestion on how to stay motivated to succeed. You have to decide what works for you.

All of a sudden, things will start happening for you. You will see things (opportunities) you would have missed before. You stop thinking negative and start believing it is possible. In fact, Les Brown, a motivational speaker, suggests everyone should say, "It's possible" often to help them build belief. And if others are doing their what you want to happen, why not you? They prove it really is possible.

So using visualization is one way to maintain your motivation to have the right attitude. That's to keep in mind the positive.

What do you do with the negative happenings in your journey to success? Here, too, you have to have a good attitude for dealing with failure. A good example of someone with the right attitude towards failure is Sara Blakely. Her father taught Sarah and her brother a very important lesson when they were young. Once a week, he would ask them what they had failed at. And, if they didn't have something, he would be disappointed.

You read that right. He did not ask them what they had succeeded at, no, he asked them what had they tried and failed at. What Sara learned from that is to not fear failure. Instead, she would fear not trying at something. That is a good attitude for you to work on. And every entrepreneur has learned to deal with failure. And the successful ones have dealt with failure many times.

Jim Rohn taught, "Don't wish things were easier, wish you were stronger." You can develop new skills and a stronger mindset.

Another person with the right attitude about failure was Michael Jordan. You can read about his attitude in the article, "Michael Jordan Teaches Us That Dealing With Failure Is Best Done By Seeing It As A Learning Experience." In essence, there is no failure, there is only success or learning experiences. That is the attitude you need to develop.

How To Stay Motivated To Succeed Having The Right Tools

One of the great benefits of this website is the Motivational Toolbox. Tool after tool after tool are available to help you stay motivated to succeed. I've already mentioned two of the tools, Visualization and What...If. There are others like The 5 Second Rule, and The Cookie Jar, Timer, Triggers, Small Steps, etc. You owe it to yourself to check our the toolbox to find what tools you can use to keep you motivated to keep moving forward.

Think of it as a carpenter would. Even with the best philosophy and a great attitude, if he doesn't have good tools, he's going to find the going pretty tough. What if he had no tools? Easy answer, he has no job.

Why wouldn't you want good tools to help you reach your goals? Of course, if you were not aware they existed, you could be excused for giving up too soon. But now you know. There is no longer an excuse.

Knowing is not enough. You have to use the tools. In fact, it would be wise to practice with the tools before you need them.

Good luck on your journey. Now you know how to stay motivated to succeed.

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