Modeling is a shortcut to success. If you want faster results simply copy what other people are doing who are already successful

Modeling can be fun. Why? Because it eliminates a lot of the trial-and-error and a lot of the roadblocks that you might otherwise meet on your journey to succeed. Most of all, it will save you time, your most valuable asset. So let's begin with a definition of "modeling."

  • The strategy of copying the techniques used by someone who is extremely good at achieving the goal you are after.

It's said that "Success leave clues." That is so true. This way you do not have to reinvent the wheel. If you know someone who is excellent at doing what you are wanting to accomplish...copy their techniques. It is that simple. Tony Robbins says, "Model what works, save yourself a decade." Again, success leave clues.

Athletes use this technique all the time. How many people who play basketball have patterned their play after Michael Jordan? While they may not reach Michael's level of excellence, they will achieve much more than they would have otherwise, and do it quicker. Simply watching how Michael shoots jump shots, plays defense, etc. they get better quicker. And like I said above...time matters. A lot.

I did this in high school throwing the discus. I was small for a discus thrower. Even back  in 1966. But I became the state champion thanks to modeling. Stop action photography had just been invented. I was reading a track magazine when all of a sudden I see 30 pictures showing how Al Oerter threw the discus. Al Oerter would end up winning four Olympics throwing the discus. To say the least, he was the right person to model. I literally ripped that page out of the magazine.

Every day I would look at one of the pictures and place my feet where Al had his, place my arms where he had his, etc. And I would do that process picture after picture after picture. I practiced that technique every day, even on weekends (the coach gave me a discus to take home). Even though I was only 175 lbs. I beat other, much larger, discus throwers because I had the technique (spin) down perfectly.

The bottom line? You can find someone who is a success at what you want to accomplish, find out what they do, and do the same thing giving yourself a great chance at a better  performance. You might consider modeling a shortcut on your path to reach your dreams.

Hard Work, Persistence, And The Technique Of Modeling

Modeling has been called Observation Learning. The first step is observation, yes, but after that, there is so much more to the process. Other steps that are just as important. Once you "see" what you need to do, you need to practice. And not a little...a lot. That is a trait you see in every champion. They persist and practice over time. Where do you stand in applying these two traits? One thing you need to sear into your brain is that, as Danzel Washington said, "Hard"

Excellence requires hard work. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But that is not all it requires. It also requires persistence. Nothing great happens over night. It takes time to get good at something. That's why you have to want it so bad you will not give up. You will persist.

Giving up is easy. Especially in today's culture. Life, today, is not as difficult as it once was. And yet, people give up before they have reached their goal. They quit.

In contrast, think of a child learning to walk. He or she takes a step or two and falls. They fall a lot. You do not see the parents of the child after he or she falls down say, "I guess we will give up. Walking just isn't for them." No. They are going to try until they do it. Until the mission is accomplished.

You have to be that way with your goals. Persistence pays off. As long as you really practice at those techniques that have been proven to work. That is why modeling is so important. You do not have to guess at what are the right steps.

Modeling Today Is Far Easier Today Than It Use To Be.

Whatever you want to learn probably has videos on showing you exactly how to do it. That is one of the great values of the Internet. Videos like these were not available when I was young. And imagine this...there were only three channels. There was no Cable much less Internet.

So what is it you want to get good at? Do some research. Find someone who is great at it already and follow their direction. There is even a website where you have truly great people in their industry willing to teach you some important techniques they use to succeed. Yes, it does cost to take any class. But how do you put a price on learning from a truly great teacher?

My god, it is so much easier today than it was a few decades ago. So...start modeling and learn to master your craft.

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