Winning The Mental Game is a combination monthly newsletter and Ebook. It was created because of what I call The Struggle. It seems everything we want in life is upstream from us and we have to paddle like hell to reach a good landing point. For some people it’s easier, for others it is so very difficult. Why the difference?

It has to do with decision making and motivation. Some people make decisions pushing them forward towards their goals, while others procrastinate, or worse, make bad, even disastrous decisions? We all have our ups and downs. But some seem to fare better at life's challenges than others.

Life is too brief to leave it to chance. Everyday, you have to reason things out and then have the motivation to move forward. And, there will be failures along the way. You have to be willing to pick yourself up, and try again. That takes motivation.

This monthly newsletter and Ebook combination deals primarily with motivation and/or the lack of it. Important topics that everyone needs to understood and implement.

There are two types of motivation - intrinsic and extrinsic. Long-term, intrinsic motivation is the more important of the two. Why? Well, getting motivation from your environment (extrinsic motivation) gives out when the reward stops. Intrinsic, on the other hand, last much longer. It comes from inside you, as in your hopes, dreams, and desires. It is like a hunger that needs to be fed.

Winning The Mental Game covers both types of motivation. You want to have as much fire power in you so you can push forward to success.

Where Are You In Life Today?

Ask yourself these questions:

    ⁃    Are you happy with where you are in your life?
    ⁃    Are you pursuing your dreams?
    ⁃    How often do you give up on what you want?
    ⁃    Would your life be better if every month you got tips and strategies to help you fight for your goals?

With Winning The Mental Game, that's what you get. Every monthly you get a ton of free tips and strategies to help you reach your dreams, your desires. Tips and strategies that make paddling upstream easier.

If You Are A Novice Starting Out In Life, A Successful Entrepreneur, Or Someone Struggling And Trying To Find You Way, This Free Monthly Newsletter And Ebook Could Very Well Be Your Ticket To More Success

Articles: Every month, the newsletter has links to at least 3 good articles (sometimes more).  Each article is loaded with effective tips and strategies.

The Ebook: The free Ebook focuses primarily on one topic and each section of the magazine is full of tips and strategies as well.

There is nothing like a good idea that comes at the right time. Right? Winning The Mental Game can bring you those ideas on a regular monthly basis. Month after month after month.

Both the newsletter and Ebook are free. Cancel at any time. Sign up now and enjoy.

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