How to use motivational movies and songs to help push you Forward toward success

Motivational movies and songs as a technique? Absolutely. We can all use a helping hand to give us a nudge when we are tired but have more to do. We've all experienced times when we are a little down. Maybe even a down a lot. And then we hear a song that lifts us, like magic, out of our funk. How is that possible? Here is my doesn't matter. We should just use it.

I think that the vibrations of a song affect the human body in  ways that we have not discovered yet. But does that really matter? After all, it's the result we're after. And from a different state because of the movie or song, we find ourselves able to pull through. That's what matters. And here's the good news, we can do it over and over and over again.

A Motivational Movie And Song Helped David Goggins Set The
Guinness Book Of World Records For Pull-Ups

David Goggins is a remarkable man on many levels. That is why you will see him mentioned many times on this website. Some of the techniques and strategies listed in the Motivational Toolbox were developed by David Goggins. We may not use the techniques nor take them as far as David has, but nonetheless, we can use them to become the kind of people we wish to become.

In the situation involving pull-ups, David used a song from the movie Rocky. It was when Rocky was getting knocked down in the 14th round. Watching that scene inspired David. So he decided to listen to that song as he was doing his pull ups. No other song. Just that one. Over and over and over again. It took him 17 or 18 hours to reach the record. That song is less than three minutes long. Think about that. Think how many times he listened to that same song being played over and over again. And it worked. It helped David push forward when he was tired.

How important was that song to David in helping him break the record? The fact that he brings it up often when interviewed tells us it was very important. We can use his cue as a reason to come up with our own motivational movie or song.

We are all different. What moves one person may not move another. That doesn't matter. Just find the songs for you. Those songs and movies that life your spirit and get you into a state to take on the world.

A key to this technique is repetition. As we've mentioned elsewhere, there is a saying that repetition is the mother of skill. So when you find a song or movie that movie you, listen to it. Listen to it a lot. You want to be able to see a scene from the movie in your mind's eye when working on something important. Or like David Goggins, you want to hear that song you love playing over and over in your mind as you push forward towards success.

So decide now. What is your goal? What song or movie are you going to use to motivate you as you move forward towards that goal? What song is going to help you reach that moment when, like David Goggins setting his world record, you get to say to yourself, "I did it."

Here is one of my favorite David Goggins quotes: "I don't stop when I am tired. I stop when I am done." Isn't that a philosophy of life you can use to make you better at a goal you are going after? After all...results is the name of the game.

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