The slight edge Philosophy is a philosophy designed to set you apart from the amateurs and the unsuccessful.

The Slight Edge strategy is a philosophy that separates the rich from the poor and the amateurs from the professionals.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the poor have 24 hours a day which is the same number of hours as the rich? So what is it that the rich do in their time allowed that the poor fail to do? And I am talking about the self-made rich who had nothing given to them. They made it on their own. How?

Perhaps you think the rich had a great idea and that is all it took. Nope. Lots of people have great ideas that fail. It is true you have to possess an idea that brings value to the marketplace. Absolutely. You don't get something for nothing. But more is needed than just a great idea. Much more. Implementation is key. And that is where the Slight Edge technique comes into play. It employs the growth mindset to reach tremendous production over time.

Consider how the growth mindset helps athletes as well as business people. There are many athletes that have the right genes from their parents. Whether it is size, quickness, etc. doesn't matter. What matters is how the athlete develops their genetic talents. That's where the Slight Edge comes in again. Practice, practice, practice... over time.

Whenever you hear of an overnight success, realize one very important fact. It wasn't done overnight. What people took as overnight was actually thousands, probably millions of small steps taken over time. One after another. And they were mundane steps. Very mundane. And easy. Very easy steps.

But if that's the case, if it is something easy to do, why aren't more people successful? Here's the key: What's easy to do is also easy not to do. And in today's world where people want instant gratification, people opt for the "easy not to do." They don't put in enough effort.

Growth does not generally come through large increments over a short period of time. The little details matter. They have to get done. And, get done consistently. This is why Michael Jordan, with all his talent, practiced harder than his teammates. He pushed them. Pushed them hard. He knew that talent alone does not get the job done.

Look into it. See how much practice a professional puts in over time, year in and year out.. Day in and day out. In so many case they are running the same plays (or hitting the ball) over and over again. Yes, they have the physique, but they also put in the time. They practice.

The Slight Edge Is Good News For The Rest Of Us. It Can Change Your Life.

With the above being true, the good news is we don't have to be superhuman, with superhuman qualities, in order to be successful. Even very successful.

We do, however, have to take initiative and put in the work. That's where motivation and inspiration come in. You might start with a lot of desire, but you probably will find many times you just don't want to do the work. That's pretty much to be expected. The good news is we can use various techniques to refill our fuel tank. And then we go back to the mundane. We continue taking the steps that lead to success.

The average person can become well above average. With commitment, the right amount of energy, the Slight Edge Philosophy as our guide, and other techniques you will find on this website, you can become the person you were meant to become.

Even if you are not sure what to do to succeed, you can easily find out. All the how-to's for pretty much everything are on the internet. You want to lose weight, there are lots of programs you can follow. The question is will you do the work consistently? Desire matters.

You don't have to have tremendous will power to succeed. The Slight Edge says to  break everything down into small steps and then be consistent. You say, "Yeh right. That's the problem. I'm not consistent." Well, to fix that, you can use the techniques on this website to help you succeed. You can use "Don't Break The Chain" to be consistent. And the 5 Second Rule to move yourself to do those necessary activities you don't feel like doing. Yes, it really works.

So now, you learn to do the mundane acts needed over and over again, day in, day out.

What Exactly Is The Slight Edge?

The Slight Edge is a philosophy Jeff Olsen developed while building one of his companies. The fact that he has created more than one successful company is called a clue. It is a major clue.

But first, here is a simple rule that states a great truth most people don't think about. Direction Determins Destination. If you keep going in the right direction, you will reach your destination. So the first thing to decide is where you want to go. That is the foundation of all success.

When considering what you want, be sure to make it worth your effort and even more important, worth your time. Think about it right now. What is the destination you want to reach? (Note: it is also good to write down both your goal and why you want it. Oh, and also record what your life will look like once you achieve the goal.)

Five years from now, where do you want to be? Make no mistake about it, it's going to arrive. And when it does, where are you going to be? Will you have hit the destinations you had planned today?

The Slight Edge is your acceptance of the need for consistency. And, of taking all the small easy steps necessary to reach your goal. And to then take them over and over again. Everyday, there will be mundane steps that add up to achieving your goal. Being small steps, they are easy to do; being small steps, they are easy not to do. Success is a choice.

So many people, especially in our present culture get distracted. I call the time we are living in, The Era Of Distraction. It's worse than ever before. The Slight Edge is nothing more than a philosophy to help you stay on track. It says, simply, to stay away from the hundreds of tv networks, the streaming channels, the digital games, and the social media and to stay focused on the path leading to reaching your goal.

Can you do all of the above? You will need a Motivational Toolbox to help you win. That toolbox is this website. All the strategies and techniques, all the stories, all the videos, all the resources. They are here to help you succeed.

You can do it. But it is important to keep the Slight Edge philosophy at the front of your mind. Pushing you forward to doing the small mundane steps necessary to win. Consider what Jim Rohn says about success. "Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." That is so well said.

Now you can listen to the developer of the Slight Edge Philosophy describe it. Enjoy.

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