The Daffodil principle - Achieving More Over Time

No matter what you plan on doing with your time, The Daffodil Principle will lead you to higher achievements and more rewards. That being the case, what if everyone took this principle seriously? What kind of world would we create? A stunning and successful world!

Despite its small size, if taken to heart, this book will create miracles over time. Who doesn't want some miracles in their lives? What would happen if parents taught it to their children? Success would be a more common occurrence.

It is estimated we humans use maybe 40% of our potential. That means we are leaving 60% of our potential unused. It seems almost a sin to leave so much potential lying comatose.

That, of course, is why this website was created. Even a small movement of the needle can mean so much. And, yes, one part of that movement can come from this small book. Once the fire is lit, remarkable things will happen.

The Daffodil Principle

In this story, a daughter is trying to get her mother to drive with her to see something marvelous on a mountain. The mother doesn't want to go. She comes up with many excuses.

Isn't that what so many people do in life. Instead of doing "it," they come up with rationalizations. We all have. You, me, and everyone else at one time or another. And the shame of it is we don't realize we are harming ourselves with that attitude. And for what? Out of laziness? A "I just don't care attitude?"

Well, the mother is finally convinced to go, to do the thing she does not want to do. And, wow, has she got a surprise in store.

Mother and daughter park, walk a path, and there before them is the mountain. Here is the mother's response:

"Then we turned a sharp corner along the path, and I gasped. Before me lay the most glorious sight! Unexpected and completely splendid. It looked as if someone had taken the great gold vat of the sun and poured it over the mountain peak and slopes..." She was starring at five acres of daffodils!

The mountain and her experience are described further. But you get the idea. And the amazing part isn't really the mountain. Yes, it was the final result, but what is so amazing is how the mountain of daffodils came to be.

Further in the story, the mother is shown the house where the creator lived. One woman had done it all. The mother simply had to talk to this women who created such a beautiful miracle.

When they got to the house, there was a poster hanging on the patio. The headline on the poster read, "Answers to the questions I know you are asking." The Answers? Well, those answers lead to a clue that can lead anyone to success in any endeavor.

  • The first answer was a simple one: "50,000 bulbs."
  • The second answer was "One at a time. One woman. Two hands, two feet, and very little brain."
  • The third answer was "Began in 1958."

It takes great effort to achieve big projects. The lady of the mountain put in tremendous effort over a long timeline.

How about you? Do you have a big project you want to accomplish? Are you willing to put in the effort? The three fundamental attributes of the Daffodil Principle can make that happen - initiative, persistence, and consistency.

The sad thing today is how people want success NOW. They don't want to put in the effort or the time. And when they fail to achieve their dreams, what do they do? They complain.

This website was created to change all of that. To start a movement of effort, time, and passion combined with reason to achieve great dreams. Are you willing to join that effort? The Daffodil Principle, if taken to heart will help you achieve your dreams. How bad do you want to reach for more than mediocrity?

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