trevor moawad is the man top athletes and coaches go to for "brain-training"

Who is Trevor Moawad? He's the "World's Best Brain Trainer," according to Sports Illustrated. That is significant. And, it means we have a better chance to accomplish our goals if we learn his methods and techniques, .

He is a man who has worked with the world's elite athletes and coaches. He has worked with eleven number one draft picks. Eleven! He has worked with Nick Saban at Alabama helping Coach Saban and the team achieve championship thinking which leads to championship performance.

Trevor has also worked with professional football teams. And, he has worked with the military Special Forces. He has accomplished much more. The bottom line is this is a man worthy of our time and attention.

In a little bit, you'll be able to watch Trevor Moawad's full interview on Impact Theory. The host Tom Bilyeu asks questions that has Trevor talking not only about principles and techniques, but also about the science underlining his theories.

The first thing to realize is that there are both useful and less useful ways of thinking. I know that seems self-evident, but after hearing the interview, you'll understand just how much of our life goes wrong due to negative thinking.

If we want success, listening to this interview will uncover a lot of what we need to know. And it is amazing how simple Trevor Moawad's methods and principles are to turn negative results around.

Trevor Moawad: The Power Of Negative Thinking

Knowing the power of negative thinking allows you to understand how negative happenings can occur for you over and over again.

Trevor says that negativity turns a person against themself. That is so true. I know there have been times in my life where I was fighting a battle between me and myself.

Trevor also says, "When someone says something out loud, it is 10 times more powerful than when they think it." Wow. I had no idea. Just the fact that negativity said out loud is so potent. Also, that it has been shown that negativity is 4 to 7 times more powerful than positivity. He gave one of the sources as a study done at Georgetown University.

Then when you combine the two, you find that saying something negative out loud is 40 to 70 times more powerful than if you just don't say anything. So just learning to not say negative things out loud can help you progress.

The Past Is Not Predictive

Trevor Moawad says that "the past is not predictive." If you were to say that to most people, they would say you're wrong. But they are the ones who would be wrong. Behavior is what create our future. So if you change your behavior, the past has no control. Trevor goes on to say, "The only thing that makes [the past] predictive is if the behavior stays the same." That certainly makes sense.

Some of the stories Trevor talks about are amazing. It makes the interview so interesting.

He also says, "Your behavior is way ahead of your success." This made me think of what Jim Rohn's father said when he was young. "Always do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future." I can't help but wonder how many young people believe in that quote? Yet, this I believe, is what Trevor meant when he said, "Your behavior is way ahead of your success."

Trevor Moawad On Impact Theory Will Give You So Many Clues Leading You To Success

There is still a lot more good information on this video. I'm not going to do all your work for you. Your effort only involves watching a video. Not bad. Well, it would help if you kept an active mind as you watch.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Even more so, I hope you got a lot of tips you go use to get you moving in the right direction. His techniques work.

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