If you are wondering how to avoid procrastination, Try setting triggers in your environment 

What are triggers and how can they help you create a better life? A trigger can be any event or item that impacts you emotionally and prompts you to take a predetermined action.

They can be anything from a Post It Note on the wall, to a calendar reminder, to a reminder ring tone on your phone. It is anything that becomes associated with a specific action.

It's not difficult to find triggers. You just have to notice the little things that affect your behaviors.

Emotions matter. And it doesn't have to take much to get the emotions involved. Little things can have big impacts. Just start noticing how you feel at particular times and what those feeling are consistently associated with.

Isn't it great to know you can create triggers that will get you started on a task,  move you forward towards success, and avoid procrastination. You can be the cause of your future happiness.

I have a video on the Home Page where a woman who had been diagnosed with clinical depression took many actions over thirty days to "find herself" so she wouldn't have to take prescription drugs. She put Post It notes all over her house. Those notes had quotes from famous people on them. Quotes that spoke the truth she needed to hear. Truths that she had know but had forgotten. She set the trigger effect into motion. It worked.

Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder. The Post It notes served that function. Will they work for you? There is only one way to find out. You have to give it a try.

Triggers Have One Function

What is the definition of "Trigger?" In its simplest form, a trigger is anything that stirs the emotions and cause a person to start, to begin.

Think of it in terms of "Pulling a trigger." What happens when you pull the trigger of a gun? It fires. A bullet is activated. Well, that's what a behavioral trigger should do for you. It ignites you emotionally to proceed. To go forth on your journey. You can have many triggers.

Let's say you have the following quote up where you can see it in the morning. "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."  - Arthur Ashe

You see the quote and notice how it keeps you grounded, realistic, and yet, gets you going. And what do you do? You get to work. You're moving forward on your journey to reach your goal. That may be all it takes. That is how you avoid procrastination.

A quote i use is by John Wooden. "Make each day your masterpiece.It sets the tone for me. It gets my mind and attitude pointed in the right direction. I am using the trigger effect to my advantage.

Getting Started With Triggers

One of the easiest first steps would be to put Post It Notes up in your office and at home. Pick out quotes that motivate you. Everyone is different. There are lots of quotes on this website, but if you need more a good place to go is https://www.brainyquote.com/. It's a great site. And many of the quotes have images to help add to the appeal. There are also many categories of quotes as well as a search bar.

Here's another one: Start noticing behaviors you do every day that you enjoy. These behaviors can be adopted as triggers for new additional behaviors.

Every time you do that enjoyable action, follow it by doing something that is moving you forward towards one of your goals. Form an association. The good feelings of one will trigger the other.

Another easy-to-do trigger is to set reminder alerts on your phone. The alert goes off, you are reminded, and BAM, you are moving forward on your dream.

There is also another technique from this website to help you become consistent. It's called Don't Break The Chain. This strategy builds momentum.

You can also use The 5 Second Rule as a trigger to get you moving. I'm not going to describe it here, but I highly suggest you check it out. Again, it is The 5 Second Rule. It works. Over and over and over again.

Finally, anything you find that motivates you can become a trigger. Just don't fail to use it. If every time you watch a certain video, your blood gets pumping and you find yourself automatically working on your project...you've struck gold. Use it often.

David Goggins who you will see mentioned on many pages of this website set a world record for doing pullups. The whole time he was listening to music. Not just any music. The same music over and over and over again. It was the music playing from Rocky 1 in the 14th round. That music inspired him. He did 4030 pullups in 17 hours.

What will be your triggers? Music? Post It notes? Only you will know. Everyone is different. It's worth it to find yours.

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