If you feel you have unused potential within you, and are wondering what to do about it, James Lawrence demonstrates techniques that work for him and will for you as well

Unused potential...we all have it. The sad part is how few people are willing to do the work that will bring out all of their capacity. A capacity they can use to build  their dreams.

James Lawrence’s story goes from losing his business, not being an athlete, to setting two Guinness Book of World Records in Triathlons. Simply amazing. In the beginning, his wife told him lovingly after he went for a fun run…”You’re pathetic.”  That was a tipping point in Jame's life. He was determined to make a change. He did. And you can as well.

In this interview with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory, James gives us solid ideas on what anyone can do to unleash all they have within them. Are you ready for an adventure?

Yes? Then watch the following video and come back afterwards to read more about James Lawrence's thoughts and techniques.


"The Next Step Isn't Going to Kill You"

When I first heard James say, “The next step isn’t going to kill you,” I was struck by how people, in so many cases, do not talk to themselves that way. Instead, their self-talk is negative. “This hurts” or “I don’t want to continue.” or “I knew I couldn’t do it.” And they quit. People are getting in their own way leaving their unused potential buried inside them. But not James. He figured out a way to reach down deep.

The next time you hear your negative chatter begin, why not remind yourself that the next step isn’t going to kill you. If it is good enough for James, it is good enough for you. Do the Small Steps technique and go forward even if it is just a little. Over time that small improvement continuity becomes a large improvement.

Getting started is the hard part. As Mel Robbins says, “It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by just getting started.”

Think about this: If you increase 1% a day over the previous day, consistently for a year, in one year you will be 365% better. That's three times better! And with only 1% improvement. You will find it difficult to stop at just 1%. Self-development works...if you work it.

What would happen if everyone started doing that? Steady improvement.

Bringing Your Unused Potential Out Into The World: The Next Version of Yourself

So many people have a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. If there is one thing to learn from watching the videos on Impact Theory is that you can grow from where you are to a far better place. But, of course, you can’t do that if you are unwilling to change.

James Lawrence says, “Putting yourself in the game gives you a chance for an opportunity.” Which is another way of saying you are going to have to go outside your comfort zone if you want to grow, if you want more out of life.

You want confidence? The best way to get it is by trying so many times and then succeeding enough that you know you are becoming better. Over time you develop confidence you can get the job done.

The Secret To Success

Here is a major take away from James Lawrence, “The secret to success is doing a lot of little things consistently over a long period of time.” That is the Slight Edge philosophy and the Daffodil Principle. That is such an important lesson.

Of course in today’s culture of instant gratification, it will fall on deaf ears for so many people. They want success the easy way and now. James is saying, in essence, there are no shortcuts. You have to go the distance and take your knocks. You have to do the work.

Know that success is a process and that consistency is a key that will open the door to success for you. You have to be in the game. Michael Jordan became the man he is through practice. He would usually be the first man to practice and the last man to leave. That a clue to success.

Not instant gratification. No. Hard work is the key. You have to develop a good work ethic. As Danzel Washington says, “Hard work…works.”

Now, how about an added benefit? Here is a documentary on James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy:

James Lawrence has written a book. Reading it will help you release your unused potential. Check it out at Amazon:

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