Why is self-esteem important?
- How you feel about yourself matters -

Why is self-esteem important?  To begin, it is critical to the overall quality of human life. How you feel about yourself matters in ways you might not have realized. Now is a good time to dive deep and see what good self-esteem can do for you.

Everyday, you are making choices that will determine your future. What you are willing to go for, and how hard you are willing to work for it, is determined by your level of self-esteem.

How do you feel about yourself? Do you see yourself as a person who is mostly  competent in life or somewhat incompetent? Your answer to that questions is important. It will determine the risks you are willing to take as you pursue your goals.

Consider this: Your level of self-esteem is part of a solid, foundational growth mindset. You are able to see yourself as someone who can change over time.

Self-esteem is not either/or. It is not either you have it or you don't. Everyone's self-esteem rests on a broad continuum. Here's a good description of the two endpoints of the continuum:

  • "High vs. Low Self-esteem. Self-esteem is thought of as occurring on a continuum, meaning that it is thought to smoothly vary in amount or magnitude from low to high across different individuals. Some people have higher self-esteem, while other people have lower self-esteem. The differences between these people are not obvious, but instead are apparent only through comparison of their thoughts and feelings about their worth."  -  via Mentalhelp.net.

Ways To Boost Self-Esteem

How you feel about yourself changes over time. You can control that feeling through personal development. It starts with creating a growth mindset. Your brain is not fixed, unchangeable. It has what scientists call Plasticity. This attribute of the brain has been shown to exist many times in many ways. The main thing to take away from the existence of brain plasticity is with goal setting and practice, you can change, not only your life, not only your brain, but also how much you value yourself. Self-development is an indication that you want more for your life and are willing to work for it.

When changing yourself, it's best to do it in small steps over time. That way the gains you make stick. And just as important, you are not battling yourself every step of the way. And as you accomplish more, your self-confidence grows and you boost your self-esteem. You have more faith in yourself.

Another Answer To The Question: Why Is Self-Esteem Important?

Your self-esteem influences who you will hang around with as well as the kind of job you will take. You've heard the old adage that birds of a feather flock together. Well, to a large extent that is generally true. And who you hang out with is going to influence you and your future. If you have low self-esteem, chances are you will hang around other people with low self-esteem. That's your comfort zone. But to grow in any form or fashion means you need to get outside your comfort zone.

Slowly add people to your circle. People who have good self-esteem. Over time they will influence you and you will find your thinking changing which means your actions will change. Don't neglect the power of influence.

If you use a growth mindset to build your self-confidence, you will find yourself taking on new challenges that you would not have taken in the past. That is a good thing. Actions that are also outside your comfort zone, but that is okay. This is how you boost your self-esteem. Now you know why self-esteem is important and how to grow it. It is now time to get to work.

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