Mastering Motivation: Get Inspired! Stay Motivated Longer!

Do you need to become motivated? Right now? If so, I'm sure you are not alone. Everybody has those moments when their fuel level is near zero. Everything seems hard. What's a person to do?

Let's start with a question. Do you think it is possible for a person who is feeling down to change their state and become motivated when and as they need it? To actually increase their energy level as life requires?

It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that with the right techniques a person could change their state and become motivated at will. I'm 73 years old. I wish I had known decades ago what I know today. I know, I know. Everyone wishes that.

In my case, until the age of 19, I was very motivated. I loved all sports. It started early. I was an All-Star in Pee Wee league, and All-Star in Little League, a city champ swimmer in the Backstroke in Augusta, Ga., first string football and first string basketball, and finally a State Champ discus thrower out of Atlanta, Ga. 

I didn't need any techniques to get motivated. It was just there. Then, in 1972, the you-know-what hit the fan. In 6 months, my mother passes away (the first death I ever experienced), my favorite grandfather passed away (with a picture of mom in his hand. Her death literally broke his heart,) I was fired from a job, and I got divorced. That is a lot in 6 months. The pain was tremendous.

It knocked me on my butt. I couldn't get my ambition back by myself no matter how hard I tried. So, yes, I got help.

I learned how to grieve. To let the pain out. It an extent. I still had a ways to go to get to a really good place.

That is why I got so heavy into personal development. I read, went to seminars, listen to cassettes (yes, it was that long ago). And so much more more.

It helped. It helped a lot. As an example, years later I was managing a mattress store. I took sales from $400,000 a year when I took it over and grew the sales to over a million dollars a year. Year after year after year. It felt great.

So, here I am at 73 wanting to pass along what I've learned.

I ask you again, can a person who is feeling down change their state and become motivated when and as they need it? To actually increase their energy level as life requires?

I ask this because your beliefs matter so much. I want to convince you it is possible. In fact, I want to prove it to you.

Think of all the athletes and business people who are driven in their careers. They are proving it every day, over and over again. Yes, they have their down days. We all do. But they don't leave it at that. They change. Well, if they can do it, so can you.

You may need to learn some things about adapting or outright changing your mindset. In addition, you will need to learn how to use motivational techniques that can make it easier to adapt.

Think of it as using a proven recipe to get motivated, to cook up some energy.

If you want to reach your goals and dreams, you have to acquire some self-motivational skills. Make no mistake about it. If you don't adopt some motivational skills, nothing will change.

If you depend solely on external motivation, you will quickly discover that it is insufficient. Yes, it can help. That is beyond a doubt. On its own, however, it isn't enough.

When it comes to motivation, you must look within; your surroundings can only take you so far. Intrinsic motivation trumps external incentive.

Taking personal initiative means you provide yourself your internal motivation. You are going to have to learn how to change your mindset. It can be done. If you don't think so, you have what scientists call a fixed mindset.

You need to step out of fixed into a growth mindset. You can do this by applying some new techniques you've probably never seen or heard of. Then you'll find yourself taking the action required.

There is work to be done. It won't be easy, but it will be worthwhile. On this site are philosophies, principles, and especially techniques you can apply daily to change your life. Eventually, check out the motivational Toolbox section. In addition to the toolbox, there are numerous indexes to help you find what you are looking for. You will see the Index Tab in the menu at the top of every page.

No two people are the same, so you will have to find out what works for you. Finding your own intrinsic motivation is well worth your time and effort.

There are two kinds of mindset. One is a fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe they are who they are, and for that reason they don't believe they have much power over how things are going to change in their life. It just their nature. They were born with it.

For that reason, they believe drive, insight and creativity happen mostly by accident, in the heat of the moment, through sheer happenstance. So they wait, and wait, and wait some more. Hoping things will work out well. Again, that is a person with a fixed mindset.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can change your mindset so it is active and directs you to your goals. After all, waiting is the last thing you want to do when you are going for your dreams.

You want to build a future towards those dreams, don't you? Well, for that to happen, you need...a growth mindset. A mindset that says you can adapt, you can change, you can make things happen. And best of all, you can master motivation and change your life forever. Everyone can do, it is a choice.

Choose to be motivated.

Watch the following video. It will get your juices flowing.

An Example Of Someone In A Bad Situation Who Changed Their Mindset On A Massive Scale...David Goggins, Navy Seal And Ultra Marathon Runner

David Goggins had been abused growing as a child by a variety of individuals. It messed with his head which resulted in a life he hated. He had become a 300-pound man who characterized his work as "spraying for insects." It was a job he despised.

Something had to give.

He happened to be watching television one day when he stumbled on a program about Navy Seals. There was something about seeing these guys going through hell that drew him to their life. Isn't that absurd? But it happened. In that moment, David decided to become a Navy Seal! He developed a new level of determination. It was his his natural innate motivation telling him he had to change. 

David became committed to his decision. He lost slightly more than 100 pounds in just three months. No one believed he would succeed. And he almost didn't. He actually went through three "Hell Weeks" in the marines. 

If he failed the third one, the Navy was not going to allow him to try again. He did it! He made it through on his third attempt. Talk about motivation. Wow. Just reading the story of how he made it through to becoming a Seal is inspiring.

David didn't just become a Navy Seal. He is often regarded as the world's toughest man. How did this happen? It wasn't from a great upbringing. As I said earlier he was abused as a child. So what happened? He changed his mindset from a weak person always looking to please people, to becoming one of the toughest people alive. He mastered motivation.

You can read the full story of David Goggins and how he changed his mindset in his book, Can't Hurt Me. You can also see him on video on the page I created about him.

You don't have to go as far as David did to changing your perspective. He is extreme. But who knows how far a handful of strategies, beliefs, and philosophy from this website can take your life.

Changing Your Mindset To Become Mentally Tough Isn't Easy, But It Can Be Done...And It Is Worth It

So many people, today, look for the line of least resistance. When confronted by challenges, they quit too soon. It is more important to them to stay in their comfort zone. They just aren't motivated enough.

Since everything worthwhile is upstream and we all have to paddle hard to reach our destination, developing mental toughness is required.

To illustrate the point, consider the analogy of going on a trip. In this analogy, the destination at the end of your journey is your dream. And let's say there is much to gain from this trip. You are motivated. What you don’t know is that up ahead, there is going to be many roadblocks and detours. Some will be major, some minor. The drive will not be an easy one.

So, say you are on a trip. And over time, you become distracted, you're not paying attention, and sure enough you run out of gas. In reality, you would just figure out a way to get some gas, wouldn’t you? You would take initiative. And, then, after refueling, you would resume your trip. You might even laugh about how ridiculous it was to make such a mistake. More than likely, though, you'll be angry with yourself. But the anger and frustration you feel doesn't stop you. The destination is what matters.

The point is this - you wouldn't quit. And yet, when following their dream, too many people give up their journey when they come across a roadblock or in some cases, perhaps a minor detour. They get knocked off course, which means they are outside their comfort zone. What do they do then? They throw their hands up, and quit. They quit! Why? And what can be done about it? Aren't those important questions to ask? You will find answers to those questions and more on this website.

Instead of quitting, the people could have stopped by this website and taken time to fill up, to add fuel to their tank so to say. They could have stopped long enough to become motivated again. And if necessary, they could have learned to use some techniques and strategies to get results even when they were not motivated. In fact, they could learn to take advantage of opportunities that normally would have passed them by. And by doing so, create a new, better life. That's what mastering motivation is all about.

As you saw in the video, there are people who never give up, even when others around them may be dropping like flies. Why? They have a growth mindset. Can you become one of them (if you're not already)? Absolutely.

You probably have a person within you that you didn't even know existed. A person who reaches goal after goal after goal. Dream after dream after dream. Giving up is not an  option. A person who is mentally tough.

You might be wondering if that is really possible for you? Yes, it is. How? You can learn to change your mindset, which will change your results. Even if you are uninspired and unmotivated, you can still get important things done to further your life.

You can practice the techniques, strategies and philosophies on this website in such a way that you get the detailed steps down pat. You can learn to focus better, stay on track, to become recharged you can reach your dream.

Wouldn’t that be life changing? And isn’t that why you are checking out this website? You want to go the distance, take the necessary actions, overcome the obstacles,  and succeed.

You’ve probably thought before, “There has to be a way. Even feeling as drained as I do, there just has to be a better way.” Well, this website is the resource you’ve been looking for. Come out of the desert into the oasis.

Indexes make it easier to find what you are looking for:

If You Think That Becoming Motivated Is Nothing More Than Positive Thinking...Think Again

When some people think of motivation, their first thought is oh, you're talking about positive thinking. Well, you will see a lot of positive thoughts on this site, but motivation is about a lot more than just positive thinking. Positive thinking barely moves the needle.

As Jim Rohn said about a man standing in his garden. He can't just chant "There are no weeds, there are no weeds." As Jim says, "The weeds will take the garden." Action is required. Positive thinking is not enough.

To overcome your obstacles and succeed, you need more tools in your toolbox than just positive thinking. You've come to the right place. There is a toolbox full of tools on this website as well as videos, quotes, and so much more.

It's important to know that these tools rely on two very important facts: reality and human nature.

Life, Reality And Desire

If you think about your life, or even search through history at the lives of all who have come before, one thing is for sure...we are all born “wanting.” Everyone, without exception. Just look at a child. They pursue what they want. Early on, they crawl towards it, later they walk to it and if necessary run. So “wanting” is built into us.

But there is more to human life than random desires. By our very nature, we have to grow up, become productive beings, and take responsibility for our life. Well, the great majority of us do. We have to learn what to value, what it is that is required of us by our nature as human beings. That's true if you want to lead a good life.

Yes, that can be a very painful process. But it is a necessary one. After all, a tree doesn't stay a sapling and, in the same way, a human being doesn't stay a child. There is much more to life. Much is required of human adults.

That process is not an easy task. Doesn't it seem like everything you want is upstream? You can’t just drift to whatever it is you desire. Reality just doesn’t work that way. To get what you want, you have to paddle upstream. And most of the time you have to paddle very hard. But, here's a key - it is worth it.

On the way to your dream, you will encounter large stones and swirling eddies in the water trying to block your passage. You are being pushed off course by life. It almost seems like you are being tested. Because of this, the amount of energy required to succeed can become very great indeed. And with those hardships you can start to break down mentally, emotionally, and find yourself losing energy. 

The bottom line: Life isn’t easy. I don't think it was meant to be. Life is like a roller coaster with many highs and lows along the way. But there is one thing for requires a lot of effort from each of us. And sometimes a change of direction, both in mindset and goals.

Thoughts On Human Nature and Self-Motivation

Now, you may not believe this, but we are all motivated all the time. I know, I know. How do I explain those times you feel you are not motivated? Well, you are actually motivated, only not for what you want or think you should be doing. Instead of being motivated to do some work, you want to sit on the sofa and watch TV.

See, you are motivated, just not in the direction you want to go. So, the question becomes, what is it you are motivated to do? And what can you do when you need to redirect your focus so you can get something important done. This website will be going into that in detail. And there are tools, principles and philosophies to help you along the way. Staying motivated is key.

I'll also go into what it means to be committed. In today's culture. Distractions are everywhere. They will get in the way, which means without commitment, you will fail. And if you do not understand how your subconscious works, it can sabotage you. You will fail and, at the same time, probably feel bad about yourself. At least feeling a little guilty.

Now, there is one last thing to mention. Because of our very nature, reality requires us to grow up, to become productive beings, and to take responsibility for our life. That means we must learn to value what is required of us by our nature so we can lead a good life. That is not an easy task. What if your mind says one thing, and your emotions say something else. How will you become motivated? That, of course, will be covered on this website.

You're going to learn a lot about the mind and ways to use it you've never considered before. You will learn how the conscious and the subconscious minds work together at times and at odds at other times. And, very importantly, you will learn strategies that produces results. That is where your internal war is fought. And make no doubt about, there are times you are at war with yourself. But you know that already, don't you? If that was not the case, you would not be on this website now.

Let the adventure begin.